A New Years Resolution to Keep!

Are you finding it hard to find a New Year’s Resolution you know you can keep for more than 2 weeks?

Maybe it should just be simple? And healthy too?

Why not promise yourself to get enough dietary fibres in 2020. It's easy and important.

Dietary fibres are essential for your digestion, the microflora in your colon and your general health. It is as simple as that.

What are dietary fibres?

Dietary fibres are found in all plants and consist of non-starch polysaccharides and other plant components. These are the parts of plants and plant-derived foods that cannot be completely broken down by the digestive enzymes in the human gut. Instead, they are transported through the gut and arrive relatively intact in the colon.


Fibre for the digestion

​​​​​​​Dietary fibres are very good for your digestion. They absorb a lot of water and form a slimy gelatinous mass with a lot of beneficial effects. 

Dietary fibre can help your gut to get back in balance, so you can get back in balance!

  • Extend the feeling of fullness by delaying the gastric emptying.

  • The slimy viscous masse ease the transport through the gastrointestinal tract by lubricating the gut og soften the contents.

  • Increase the mass in the gut which stimulates the gut movements (peristalsis).

  • Provide bulking and slow the gut passage, giving more time to absorb nutrients.

  • The risk of loose stools are minimized due to dietary fibres absorbing water in the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Risk of hard stools are minimized as any hard lumps are incorporated into the soft viscous masse and co-transported.

Fibres for the microflora

​​​​​​​Fibres are not only important for your digestion, they are also important for your health. The beneficial bacteria – the good microflora - in the colon ferment a large fraction of the fibres into gasses and physiologically active by-products, e.g. short-chain fatty acids. These parts of dietary fibres are prebiotics. Prebiotics feed your microbiome and probiotics that you add to your diet.

Science has proven that our microflora is extremely important for our general health status and may affect your mood, weight and your immune system. So take good care of your gut bacteria, and let them take good care of you!

Fibres for the heart health

​​​​​​​People who eat a diet rich in fibre (at least 25 -29g or more a day) have a lower risk of developing a number of serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer according to the Irish Heart Foundation. It is well-known that dietary fibres can help to control cholesterol in the blood.

Dietary fibres may also help in maintaining a normal weight and fight against overweight. 

Concentrated fibres

​​​​​​​It is easy to get more dietary fibres in the everyday life. Psyllium husks contain 85% dietary fibres. So all you need, is a tablespoon psyllium husks a day. Psyllium husks are a concentrated source of gluten free dietary fibres.

SylliFlor psyllium husks

​​​​​​​SylliFlor is coated psyllium husks – crunchy, tasty and does not get sticky! The easy and delicious way of dietary fibres. 

SylliFlor psyllium husks come in five flavors: Vanilla, Cacao, Malt, Apple and Cinnamon and Plain. You can also get SylliFlor Calcium and SylliFlor Colostrum.

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