ColoDan Customer Review

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

We love hearing from you! This particular feedback was delightful to hear. William has been living with chronic colitis for many years, to learn how Colodan has improved his gut health and quality of life is why we do what we do :) Read the full review below

" I have taken ColoDan for approximately 5 months . I am a 57 year old male with chronic colitis for 35 years , I have had no surgery but a few major flare ups over the years and tried numerous medications and supplements. I am taking dipentum at the moment as my long term medication.

I take ColoDan with local natural yogurt (Offaly) every morning and since I have started  this routine( very important),without doubt I have seen and felt a huge improvement in my gut .. this has improved my quality of life  massively . No cramps, higher energy levels, regular movements , skin improvement, more confidence.. I take alcohol so I slip a  little but some ColoDan before I go out Helps too !! , I have never recommended anything in my life but this stuff has really improved my quality of life "

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