Thrive Café - Fuelling Your Lifestyle

As a pharmacist I feel I'm pretty good at advising customers and patients on their medications, prescriptions and over the counter (OTC) medicines but when it comes to food and lifestyle I'm still an amateur.

While I've always appreciated the importance of exercise and I am more than partial to the odd superfood salad I didn't fully understand how interlinked food, lifestyle and medicines really are. I believe in medicines when used correctly but circa 2017 I began to question why are there more and more people needing medicines younger and younger??I started Roca Healthcare because I wanted to change it all - to get us all away from just reacting to being sick and into a proactive health mindset. It's much easier to hold onto what you have than to go trying to get it back.

Through events, speaking with experts and ALOT of reading I began to realise the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on our health and I got excited! Sometimes though, self directed learning can be hard as there is such a vast amount of info out there and sometimes knowing where to start is daunting.

Drum roll please.... that's where Thrive Café in Tullow, Co Carlow and the lovely Lorraine came in. Lorraine is an experienced nutritionist and an inspiring advocate for proactive health. I signed up for their 8 week cooking and nutrition course (and I dragged my mum along). I could not recommend the course enough - even just for a tasty feed on a Thursday evening. Below is their next course details.

Each week we looked at a different topic, had some amazing tea, discussed our current habits and spoke about ways to make small positive steps that eventually would end up in a lifestyle changes - for me anyway! For some people the course gave them courage in kitchen to try new recipes, for others there was excitement in understanding how our body transforms the food we eat & how eating better can help you feel better. Honestly for me the biggest impact of the course was an increased mindfulness when it came to what I eat and drink and how that translates into how I feel and behave, oh and I got to spend some time having a laugh with my mam!

There are tons more courses coming up varying from half a day to the full 8 weeks - Click HERE to see what's coming up! Keep reading for a little run down of the course I did in September.

Week 1 – Carbohydrates, energy, insulin

Highlight hands down on week one was the Thrive Granuesli and my biggest learning curve was portion control as I scoffed a weeks worth in one sitting. We've a recipe here inspired by Lorraine's ( for the real thing you can buy it in the Café in Tullow).

Week 2 – Protein, your health, vegetarian sources

I loved this week as I eat mainly veggies and I probably had gotten into the habit of eating the same things so this broadened my lunch range

Week 3 – Fats the complete picture, Fats V Sugar, Essential Fats

Week 4 – Stress, your hormones, weight &  health

My coffee consumption was the main hit this week... and I was surprisingly more energetic.

Week 5 – Cleaning up your lymph, everyday detoxing

This week we spoke about kidney health and frankly spoke about how the health industry can often trick people into buying 'detoxing' products.

Week 6-Your liver, your energy, continued detoxing

Week 7-Boosting your immune system, reducing inflammation

I loved this week and found myself telling the class all about RoCa's Sylliflor and colostrum products and we spoke about how important good gut health is.

Week 8 – Putting it all together.

End note: I am so hungry after writing this as I was flicking back through our 'Thrive Tribe' WhatsApp and a big thing I'd forgotten was how great the group was. It is mad how inspired you are to make something when you're being sent mouth watering pictures!!

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