Why is Fibre Important in Pregnancy?

Fibre is SO important throughout pregnancy and after! Pregnancy can be tough going on some women and there is some things you can simply do without, like being constipated! Fibre can help to promote heart health, decrease diabetes risk, reduce the risks of preeclampsia and of course tackle constipation.


Due to the hormone-slowed digestive system and organ-displacing womb, many pregnant women will experience constipation, which can also lead to haemorrhoids. As well as fibre supplements, iron supplements are highly recommended during pregnancy and have many benefits to both mum and baby. Unfortunately however, iron is very constipating too.

Sylliflor fibre can naturally help reduce or eliminate constipation - giving you one less thing to worry about!

How Does It Work?

Simply add it to your breakfast or snacks and drink a full glass of water after.

As Sylliflor absorbs water and swells in the tummy and creates a gel like mass which keep you fuller for longer - you may find you need to reduce the amount you take in the later stages of your pregnancy so you don't feel too full!

This naturally stimulates your bowels to get moving. For all medicines and supplements it is important to take them an hour before or two hours after Sylliflor so they can be absorbed fully into the blood stream.

The Hospital Bag

Sylliflor is fast becoming a staple in The Hospital Bag for many expectant mothers. This is because Sylliflor softens and lubricates poo - which makes going to the toilet so much easier. This is especially important if you've suffered any tears or are struggling with haemorrhoids. Sylliflor is also safe to use while breastfeeding.

Postpartum Hormone Changes

Finally, whether you choose to breastfeed or not, your body's hormone levels postpartum can impact your digestive system leaving your bowel movements slower and you feeling sluggish.

When oestrogen levels are low, your cortisol levels increase. That is your 'fight or flight' hormone kicks in which can be very disruptive to your digestive system. Taking Sylliflor during this time will help your digestive system to keep working and regulate bowel movements.

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