100% Colostrum & 100% Pure

ColoDan Whole Colostrum is of the highest quality with a natural composition, sourced from Danish cows. 
ColoDan Whole Colostrum is made from colostrum from 1st and 2nd milking (no more than 24 hours after calving) where the content of immunobutures and nutrients is high.

The calf receives the first 4-5 litres of colostrum just after birth to activate its own immune system. Colostrum is designed, by nature, to strengthen the immune system of the calf and protect the intestine from infections via the immunostimulants that are in the colostrum. 

Colostrum contains more than 100 different bioactive substances, the most important of which are:

  • Immunoglobulins: which stimulate and balance the immune system
  • Peptides: have antibacterial and antiviral effects
  • Natural growth factors: contribute to healing and antiviral effects
  • Prebiotic factors: stimulates a healthy microflora in the intestine

Gentle processing preserves the active substances in the finished powder.


Why Colostrum?

In a healthy intestine, intestinal cells, immune cells, mucous membranes and the natural intestinal flora function in a synergy that provides an effective barrier to bacteria, viruses, allergens and other undesirable substances.

When the intestine is burdened by illness, stress or due to age it becomes more permeable to bacteria and toxins and the immune system must overwork to combat unwanted substances. A healthy intestine is therefore an important prerequisite for a strong immune system. 

Colodan Sachets are easy for those on the go living busy lives. 

How to use ColoDan Whole Colostrum
ColoDan Whole Colostrum is a wholefood with only water removed. 
10 g (about 2 tbsp) of colodan can be mixed into yogurts and smoothies. The product doesn't dissolve well in liquids so we recommend using a shaker.

Nutritional Information:

Pr. 100 g

Pr. dose (10 g)


1993 kJ / 476 kcal

199 kJ / 48 kcal


47 g

4.7 g


18 g

1.8 g


24 g

2.4 g

Recommended daily dose:
Adults: 10 g (about 2 tablespoons) daily. 

Based on research:
The manufacturers, Biodane Pharma, provide colostrum to universities and hospitals researching the effects on gastrointestinal and immune systems. 

The company actively participates in research that can pave the way for documenting and utilising colostrum as a dietary supplement. 
For more knowledge about colostrum research please get in touch with us via the website or click here to be redirected to Biodane Pharmas R & D website.

ColoDan is a registered trademark.

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